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Here’s another segment from the Y Yoga movie. I’m pretty sure that Diamond Dallas Page was a professional wrestler and now it looks like he’s changed his focus a bit. Talk about a no nonsense yoga instructor. I was pleasantly surprised with his earnestness in giving the soldiers in Iraq a gift that will help them better face the challenges they are up against. I really quite liked this clip.

It sounds like the full-length feature film will debut in December of this year or February of next year.

Elsie's Yoga Class Blog: Why Yoga... YYoga Movie?


For whatever reason I don’t really look forward to yoga movies, or yoga videos because, honestly….they bore me. I don’t want to watch people, meditating and chanting om. I also feel that yoga vids that I’ve watched in the past are just so bland and don’t really represent what really goes on. As much as yoga is a 5000 yr old technology, we are not living 5000 yrs ago in India. Personally I’m living in Los Angeles in 2007. I would like to see the beauty of yogis now, and the desire we each have for this ancient practice. Lo and behold I stumbled upon this video….I am genuinely intrigued and can’t wait to watch it! I so loved to see so many familiar scenes and so many different perspectives on the practice, NOW. It inspired a sense of wonder and at the same time recognition. I saw people that were just like me and those who were nothing like me. Yeay for YYoga and the gift of diversity :D Loved the sense of humor!!!!!

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Yogi Times Oct. 29, 2006 Screening Article


Years ago, Arthur Klein had a camera and a question, "Y Yoga?"

On October 29th yogis and yoginis of all ages and backgrounds gathered in Beverly Hills to watch his discoveries. As the documentary weaved together yoga's insights and passions from the voices of people ranging in experience, the night brought together individuals inspired and humbled by their yogic journey's. Juveniles and police officers, artists and instructors all came together to bring the peace and bring the balance with understanding that

you can't heal the world if you can't heal the self.