Elsie's Yoga Class Blog: Why Yoga... YYoga Movie?


For whatever reason I don’t really look forward to yoga movies, or yoga videos because, honestly….they bore me. I don’t want to watch people, meditating and chanting om. I also feel that yoga vids that I’ve watched in the past are just so bland and don’t really represent what really goes on. As much as yoga is a 5000 yr old technology, we are not living 5000 yrs ago in India. Personally I’m living in Los Angeles in 2007. I would like to see the beauty of yogis now, and the desire we each have for this ancient practice. Lo and behold I stumbled upon this video….I am genuinely intrigued and can’t wait to watch it! I so loved to see so many familiar scenes and so many different perspectives on the practice, NOW. It inspired a sense of wonder and at the same time recognition. I saw people that were just like me and those who were nothing like me. Yeay for YYoga and the gift of diversity :D Loved the sense of humor!!!!!